This is a linear-based PHP script that I used to integrated the billing of Sendy mailing lists through WHMCS.  It works exclusively in situations where WHMCS and Sendy are installed on the same server.  cPanel is not required to use it, but it is recommended.  Here’s an overview of what it does:

  1. Executed by Cron the script looks at the WHMCS billing database for clients with the Mailing List Service you created.
  2. For each customer that has the mailing list server, the script then looks through the Sendy database to see how many emails were sent by that client since the last time the script executed.
  3. The script then totals up the emails and calculates the new email charges based on the price per email that you set in the script.
  4. The script then performs an API call to WHMCS to write the new charges as a Billable Item which will automatically add itself to your client’s next invoice.

Click Here for Detailed Installation Instructions

The code is approximately 220 lines and is very well documented.  It may be modified to meet your needs, but it may not be resold.

If you need Sendy, you can get it here: Sendy.

If you need WHMCS, you can get that here: WHMCS.

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